Ashley, guest contributor

A lot of kids hate the thought of moving out. When a family decides to move to a new home, children are mostly affected thus showing separation anxiety. There are many factors associated with this. Maybe you are wondering why kids dreaded the possibility of moving to a whole new environment.

Friends are the prime reason as to why children do not want to transfer to a new neighborhood. Come to think of it, kids have built strong attachment and good friendship with other kids then suddenly they will be separated. This thought is worrisome for the little children. Furthermore, being in a new environment means children will see unfamiliar faces and meet new people. This scenario often scares them a bit. But there are simple ways you can consider to make your kids fully grasp the plan to move.


Talk it Over Ahead of TimeMoving out can be fun and exciting for the little children if they are prepared.

One effective way to encourage your kids that the move will be beneficial is to talk about it a few months before the scheduled day. Discussing this matter will likely prepare them for the move out. Maybe they will cry or even oppose but it is natural (just let them pour their heart out). Try to explain the situation and the reason why you have to transfer to a new home. Well of course, they might not be able to fully understand all the things you will tell them but at least they have something to reason out to their friends. Tell them they can still keep in touch even if you move to a new state. Talking it over beforehand will help them get ready emotionally.


Discuss New Opportunities

When you discuss about the plan of moving out, give them an overview of all the possible things that might happen in your new home. Tell them they will be able to meet new friends and playmates – who can be good addition to their list of friends. If your new house is bigger, bribe them with new stuff for their bedroom. Or, you can ask them to go on shopping with you for new devices and necessities for your new home. Describe other exciting opportunities like new school and activities which they can share with their old friends.


Ask Kids to Help Segregate/ Pack Their Things

Once they are settled with the plan, tell them to segregate their things. Check out their stuff and ask them to give out unused toys or garments to their friends. These items can be good remembrance to their friends when they are apart. But be sure these items are still usable. Never give out torn clothes or heavily damaged toys. Segregating is a fun activity to do with your kids as you can bring back memories connected to each item.

After segregating which stuff should stay and what items must go, ask them to help you pack. Ask them to put their all their toys in boxes and label them. Every box should have labels to easily distinguish what are stuffed inside. While you hold the box flaps, let them run the packaging tape to secure the items. Isn’t it a fun activity?

Moving out can be fun and exciting for the little children if they are prepared. Whether you are moving into a bigger house in California or one of those apartments for rent in Houston, it is vitally important to consider the kids during the planning. This way it will not be that hard to convince them to move out.