When we talk about teaching martial arts values we are referring to the traditional values of respect, honor, integrity, loyalty and the development of other personal attributes such as humility, maturity, a disciplined character and inner peace.These are the elements that combine to form a solid foundation from which to build the character of a successful martial arts student and shape their view of the world around them. Children who participate in a martial arts training program also tend to demonstrate the characteristics of good citizenship and appropriate judgment in confrontational situations.

However, while children do develop these values as a result of martial arts training, it’s not really necessary for them to begin with an understanding of what they are or of the methods used to develop them. Because martial arts classes are so much fun often children don’t realize that they are gaining good values.
These are values that you can demonstrate and reinforce as a parent by modeling them in your own life. One very effective way to accomplish this is by attending martial arts training classes with your child or as a family.
Every member of the family can benefit from the development of a positive atmosphere in which to reinforce the physical, emotional and spiritual values available through martial arts training. Individuals trained in martial arts experience increased confidence, are better at being organized and have a better attention span.
Consider enrolling your whole family in a free introductory martial arts training class and encourage each family member to develop these values and reach out to achieve their greatest potential.