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Three After-school Activities That Encourage Cognitive Development

Leslie Mason, guest contributor Any parent wants their child to be constantly learning, growing and developing, whether school is in session or not. With school starting up again, it’s time to start thinking about extracurricular and other after-school activities—hopefully choosing one that will encourage healthy cognitive development. Of course your…Read More

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Summer Games To Play With Kids In The Garden And Pool

Mark, guest contributor When the temperature rises and the sun makes you feel like you’re about to melt, a dip in the pool is the best way to cool yourself and enjoy the holiday with the family. And if you think that the pool can’t be used for anything but…Read More

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Tie Dye With Kids

Long hot summers can be hard to fill, with children on your hands and most activities costing way too much to make a regular occurrence it can be hard to think of exciting things to fill their days. Bonding with children is unique and special, and something necessary to forge…Read More

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How To Save Money On Kids Birthday Parties

When it comes to their offspring, especially so with first born children, parents can go a little overboard when it comes to spending on birthday party supplies. They feel the need to make it bigger and better each year, so this makes it a near impossible job if you create…Read More